Olympiacos Soccer Club Washington, DC is an official soccer academy with the professional European soccer team Olympiacos FC. The club has academies across the world including three locations in the US (Washington DC, Chicago, and California) as well as locations in Greece, Cyprus, England, and Australia. Olympiacos Soccer Club Washington, DC (Olympiacos DC) serves the DC, Maryland, and Virginia regions.

The Olympiacos DC organization is truly integrated into the Academy system, Olympiacos FC Academies, of Olympiacos FC. Our players wear the actual uniform, adhere to training curriculum and standards set by Olympiacos FC, are assessed with reports sent directly to the Olympiacos FC organization, are invited to play and train with the actual club. Unlike all other clubs claiming an “affiliation” or “partnership” with a professional club, Olympiacos DC is actually part of the professional youth system of Olympiacos FC's Olympiacos Academy in DC

We follow the same philosophy and our coaches are trained by the professional team coaching staff at the training center in Athens, Greece.  We don’t just wear a patch or claim some sort of arrangement---We are Olympiacos!

What this means to our members:

  • Part of the organization of a top 25 world class rated professional club.  
  • All players benefit from the Academy curriculum direct from Olympiacos FC.
  • A professional culture and environment throughout the club to match that of Olympiacos FC.
  • Our coaches train at the Athens, Greece facility every year alongside Olympiacos professional coaches.
  • Players are invited to train at the Athens, Greece facility.
  • All players can tour the first team stadium and watch a professional match as guests of the club.

The ultimate goal of Olympiacos FC is scouting, training, evaluating and promoting young talented players globally.



Our primary focus is player development - Developing each player to realize their full potential as a soccer player. Olympiacos coaches educate players! Our soccer education comes in many forms depending on the age and the level of players. In general, all players get hours of video analysis. The video analysis includes our game and training session footage as well as tactical analysis of the best teams in the world. Olympiacos players receive written evaluations that may be discussed with the coaches if needed. The players get homework that includes analysis of the game footage (their own games and professional games). By answering the difficult tactical questions, players develop a thorough understanding of the game over a 4-5 year time span. Developing the game IQ is not one session or even one-year goal – it is a diligent process that we implement consistently across all age groups. We believe that anybody can learn how to run, dribble, shoot etc., and many of the US-based clubs and academies produce great runners, dribblers, and shooters. However, very few produce complete players. We strongly believe that our coaching philosophy serves as the greatest differentiator between Olympiacos and other soccer organizations.



Our family-oriented (Red & White Family) approach and emphasis on social responsibility separate us from other clubs. Parents and players gather for family events (pool & pizza parties, parents night out and attend pro and college soccer games etc.) fostering camaraderie both on and off the field. Players participate in various community service projects (hospital visits, field clean-ups, food drives, homeless shelter visits etc.) to show our support in the community.



We place a high emphasis on social responsibility and community involvement. Players participate in various club organized community service projects (hospital visits, field clean-ups, food drives, homeless shelter visits etc.) to show our support in the community.


Harry Karageorge – President and Founder

Eleni Karageorge – Director of Operations

Kathy Buddendeck – Director of Communications

Despina Panagoulias – Director of Public Relations

Anthie Zairis – Director of Club Development, Maryland Region

Alexandra Panagiotakopoulou – Marketing Manager

Tom Kashynski – Official Club Photographer

Dewey Phan – Official Club Videographer


Boys Teams

D.H. – U15 (2005) 

Art Cook – U13 (2007) 

Maria Jobst – U12 (2008)

Diego Borda – U11 (2009)

Ivan Patino – U10 (2010)

Girls Teams

Peter Ordonez - U16 (2004)